Friday, July 08, 2011

The Case for Falling in Love

What I love about this book is it's way of putting the backward thinkers and women hiders in their place! She's definitely a forward thinker and much to my surprise I agree with a lot of what she says because that's how I think and I have always wondered at the backward things said other books I've read or been quoted to by friends who have been drilled with this way of thinking and would shake my head wondering when society would change.
I really hope that Ruti can change that. For me she does in this book. She teaches us to stop looking to men for approval and cues on how to adjust ourselves to be accepted and start just being ourselves. She talks about unhealthy relationships, phobic men, narcissistic men, manipulators  and the traps women fall in without questioning if it's right or wrong or listening to our inner voice.
I found I connected with her writing and her views. Her sense of humour shone through and I felt like I sitting talking to a girlfriend about relationships. A must for any woman in a relationship or looking to be in one.

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