Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Long ago....

I grew up wanting to leave.
I had big dreams to live in the City and be somebody.
No, I was no small town girl!
Today I dream I will never leave this place.
The Yukon is my home.
Dawson is my home.
To travel to the City from my home is a six hour drive.
If you go the speed limit of 90kmph.
I've always loved the drive.
Even when riding in the back of my Dad's old pickup truck
way back when the dust from the gravel road and smoke from 
his cigarettes would make me feel sick.
We were going some place.
Now, I bring my kids on this long drive.
Mickey hates it and when Mars and I went at the beginning of this week.
Mickey did not want to go.
So he stayed with Nana and so did Kale.
It was just Mars, Mica and I.
It was a very rare treat and we enjoyed it immensely.
Traveling with one boy compared to three is tenfold.
My goodness.
Mica is a sweet boy!
Nothing compares to the stillness and freshness of the Yukon.
The dark quiet bitterly cold winters or the sweltering and noisy summers.
No nothing compares. 
I'm not a big go out an meet the town kinda girl but
I like to meet people once in a while and this place has plenty of characters.
It's just as full of interesting people from all walks of life.
Yes, it's a small community with a big heart and lots of entertainment.
My introverted self would wither in a City.
So I stay. 
Not that my Husband would let me leave! :)
I am a small town girl after all!

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