Thursday, July 07, 2011

A Thought or Two

Sometimes I feel so humbled by what I witness in the world. People coming together to do for others. The strength that a woman shows after losing her home, a woman prepares to face the end of her life with friends around her as she loses her battle with cancer and the vulnerability that a woman displays as she tells her children that they may lose their father to cancer, it all brings me to my knees.

There are so many things I want in life and not a lot have come to fruition. I've struggled emotionally with depression and my relationships suffered because I was too stubborn to see someone about it. Even with the depression I was secure in my life and I've always been a glass half full kind of person.

No matter what happens in my life I won't be reduced by it. I have honor and dedication to making my family a happy family. I do struggle with decisions and I weigh all the options, I look at things realistically, research if necessary and totally over analyze so I know what I want and how to get it or weigh its worth in life. But that is me.

I don't like making the ugly choices in life, the uncertainties and  I hate making people mad at me because of my choices. But like Hubby always says I'm not responsible for other peoples feelings, only my own. I wish I totally believed that. He tells me to only care about those you love, so I try to do that, it's not always easy.

Last week was another emotional week for me and I wrote this but hadn't published it, so I'm doing so now.

I arrived home Sunday after a great weekend 'camping' not really camping since we  stayed in cabins and ate in the restaurant. It was so much fun to hang out. There were seven ladies and we had a blast. About two years ago we started a games night group, we get together once a month and have appies and play games, or go out or just hang out. We've had plans to do other things but we usually end up playing a game called Things. It's wildly funny and we always go home with sore faces and sore tummies from laughing so much. Laughter really is the best medicine.

We were definitely over prepared for our ladies retreat and we brought lots to do but mainly we just hung out, no kids, talking by the fire. It was so natural to just relax and enjoy each others company. At times we'd go off and do our own thing then come back.

My only thing was that I started getting sick on Saturday and worse on Sunday. I was home from work for three days with this cold. It's still not fully away and it's totally kicked my ass and now I'm on the mend. I managed to do nothing but read and sleep while home sick, so I guess in a way that was a holiday too! I read the first two books and started on the third in The Hunger Game trilogy and it's good! I do recommend.

I have a couple of reviews to put up and I'll try to get those up tomorrow or the next day.

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