Saturday, September 10, 2011


"Donna wake up. The news. Watch the news."

I rolled over slowly my swollen pregnant belly sticking up and I watched. The horror of that morning still echoes today in my mind. Tears streamed down my face as the morning progressed and we watched the towers fall.

I was in a hotel room with my Mom. I was four days away from bringing my first child into the world and I was scared. Scared of what this meant. Scared of bringing a child into the world where evil things can be done. Scared that this one event would change the world. That this was the start of something bigger and out of my control.

I was in Whitehorse, as most women in rural communities have to come into the hospital to have their babies. I'd been there at least a week already. I stayed in my hotel room most of the day unaware really of what was going on. I was tired and didn't move around too much. I listened to the radio. My Mom was staying with me and had gone to visit one of my cousins. She called later to tell me.

On the radio, it was reported that an passenger plane was coming to Whitehorse and there was not much news on it but they reported that it was a Korean plane with hostages. The City was in a panic. I don't remember much of it ten years later. There was the possibility that the airplane would crash and the hotel I was at was just down the hill from the airport. I remember seeing the jets that were escorting the airplane from Alaska and I remember this huge airplane landing and how loud it was. But nothing came of it.

The other night I was up visiting my Mom and a program came on the TV about the Whitehorse incident and how panic had erupted through out the City and I was brought back to the terrifying day. Schools were being evacuated and the town was busy with vehicles picking up children and heading out of town. In my hotel room I was unaware of the mayhem. I'm glad for that.

It was sad and I got teary remembering that day from start to finish and how the whole world was watching and I was not alone in feeling scared and unsure about the future.

Now I choose not to dwell on those feelings but say a little prayer for all those who were lost that day.

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