Sunday, October 23, 2011

31 Days - Day 22 - Winter Blues

I live in the deep North! North of 60. So during the deep of winter we have days with only 2 hours of daylight. How do we cope?
Some don't. Some use lamps. Some get outside as much as possible. Some stay nice and cozy inside away from the -30,-40 or -50 degree Celsius temperatures that we get.
So what does this mean when you are trying to be active. A few different things.
Bundle up, dress warm and get outside. We do have beautiful days and when the temperature gets down to only -20 it's like the Bahamas after the frigid colder temps. So it's easy to get outside to walk, go skiing, hiking or sledding.
For those that like to stay inside, invest in a gym pass! Or have things at home.
We own a Wii, several workout dvd's, weights, a stability ball, mats and resistance bands. These all work for getting in shape.
Find a routine and get to work!
This is how I bet the temps and still remain active.

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