Thursday, October 06, 2011

31 Days - Day 6: Motivation, Willpower and Comittment

When starting a lifestyle change there are things that will get you going. The motivation behind starting. I've had a few different things happen that have started my journey's. The first was when Mickey was a baby and I thought I was having a heart attack, no seriously. I was having chest pains, turns out it was pulled muscles from carrying my very heavy 9 month old child in a back pack. But in reality it could have happened. There is heart disease in my family and I had put on a lot of weight with my pregnancies and never got it all off.

This was the beginning for me November 2005, I started. I did great and in six months I lost 60lbs. I was doing so great and on my way when I found out I was pregnant again. I started off the pregnancy great but then it got tough, pregnant and running around after 2 other kids. After Mica was born I had depression and it didn't go away for awhile. I finally managed in 2008 almost two years later to get back on track and this time it was my Mom that motivated me. She offered a reward for losing weight, I knew I would never lose the amount she wanted in such a short time but I thought that the motivation would get me going again and it did. I lost slower this time and I felt great! I was committed to this change, I wanted it and I was going to keep going.

I hit lots of emotional roadblocks and failed again. It has been a hard two years, a lot of setbacks, I'm haven't been my usual energetic self. But now I'm back baby!! Yup! My motivation this time? I want to live. Losing my Dad while he was still so young has been devastating for me and I know that if I don't make the changes then I won't be around for my kids either. The medication I've been taking was the first step for me to get back on track and it's made a huge difference for me.

No I have the motivation, it's the willpower to get going. I'm committed to the changes and I know but I need that will power once in awhile to get going. I've started back to the gym. I go two mornings a week and Tuesday I couldn't get myself out of bed to go, I talked myself out of it and then went back to sleep. So this morning it took all my willpower to pull myself out of bed and get going. And I did. I'm proud of myself and being proud of myself will help me stay committed to my changes and myself because I deserve to be healthy and happy. So there are stages, I think all are equally important to have and use to make this journey.

We can use many things for motivation, inspiration, support from family and friends, we can find it with online groups with the same goals. Books, resources, use what you have available to you and go with it!

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