Sunday, March 25, 2012

A few Tidbits

Pictures from one of our weekend hikes.I saw this awhile ago and I can't remember which blog it was from. If I come across it I will put in the link.

Obsessing over: Arranging my house. I separated the boys again and have now lost my craft room/office. But it's been two weeks of moving things around to feel more at ease with it and it's not going well. I borrowed a L shaped desk from my Mom and got rid of a few pieces of furniture and now I'm downsizing my books and such but it's such a process. But of coarse it's also the part that I love.

Working on:  I have about four quilts being worked on right now. Well, if I'm honest it's about six in different stages. I'm always on the look out for more patterns to try. I really do have enough for now and I'm almost impatient to get to work on them more. This is the other thing I'm obsessing over, that and the fabric for these quilts.

Thinking about: Making plans to change my life. I'm tired of being tired of my job and I need to make plans and plans to change it, so that I can be a happy camper!

Anticipating: Working out every day this week. I'm back on a roll. This morning I felt so good after my workout. I love to sweat!

Listening to: My ipod, it's on shuffle and it's all I listen to a work. I have quite varied tastes that's for sure.

Eating: Well, working on getting a cleaner diet. I've given up pop again and it's going brilliant! I feel so good already.

Wishing: I was home in bed. I've developed that most horrible sleep habits. A good friend of mine suggested it's the caffeine. I drink coffee and pop usually and since I've cut the pop I'm trying to cut back the coffee to one a day.

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