Sunday, May 12, 2013

For the Birds

We've been seeing birds all week. Mica's been wanting to stop and see them every time which doesn't always work when you are trying to get to school and work in the morning. So last night we went bird watching. And since it's been awhile I'm joining in on the Scavenger Hunt.

1. Perspective

2. Golden (Grass is kinda gold).

3. Bloom,
(I didn't really have  bloom picture but he's my summer bloom with his cheesy smile.)

4. Dark

5. Local

There were plenty of geese and ducks. And yes my southern friends, there is still snow on the ground. :)


Tamar SB said...

And I thought we had a long winter in Boston! Great shots and I hope that snow melts for good soon!

Donna @ Snowbound said...

It's warming up everyday, so glad!

Karen said...

Snow! I hope it all melts soon. What a great smile you captured!

Ida said...

Brrrr....with the snow.
Your little bloom has such a sunny smile, that should melt the snow or at least make it more bearable.

erica @ to the sea said...

Crazy to think there is still snow there! Your little boy is adorable.