Thursday, June 06, 2013

Back on track.

I never in a million years thought that life would be like this.

I wake up in the morning and I have a smoothie with things like spinach and kale in it. I eat avocados and use coconut oil to cook my food and drink almond and coconut milk. I've completely cut out dairy and white sugar and almost completely cut out wheat. I don't remember the last time I had toast and that was my go-to for breakfast every morning. I haven't had peanut butter in just as long. I've been feeling wonderful.

I had only planned on losing weight like I did four years ago. Four years ago I was in this magical wonderful place having lost 70lbs and I craved exercise and good healthy food. I'm pleased to say that I'm back on track. I had been going to the gym and working with a trainer and this past month I was concentrating on my diet and it's gotten so much healthier. I'm seeing a wellness coach and she gives me great ideas and we talk. It keeps me accountable to someone besides myself. Now I'm incorporating both things, eating well and exercise. I started back to aquafit my favorite workout!

My wellness coach was the one who suggest a cleanse. So I started the cleanse and it felt like just clean eating, I was able to have some protein if I needed it. I'd been having some foot pain all winter, my trainer suggested I had tight calves or fascia and I was massaging it all the  time before, during and after workouts but it never seems to fully go away. Then two days into the cleanse it stopped hurting. Halfway through I had a bad day and got a muffin, that night I had foot pain again. I'm doing pretty good, I have had a bit of dairy and a bit of wheat here and there. I've had chocolate avocado pudding, chia seed pudding and chocolate fantasy smoothies to fight my cravings I was getting but those seem to not be there as often. I'm feeling pretty good.

My big plan is to keep at it and I'm slowly getting the kids and husband on board. My honey actually has a green smoothie with me every morning now. It's a start.

It became not about losing weight but being healthy. I'm a big girl, I've always been a big girl partly genetics, partly I just ate terribly. But I plan on changing my future and that of my children by eating more of a plant based diet with some good carbs and lean proteins and good fats.

I will continue to surprise myself I'm sure. Quinoa for breakfast tomorrow! I'm already 10lbs down and I'm happy because that's pretty good for a month.

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