Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Daily Wednesday

I woke up nice and early for work.

Enjoy another Green Bliss Smoothie this morning. I had a handful of spinach sauteed in some coconut oil with two eggs scrambled.

Before going to work out I had a small muffin with some organic peanut butter.

I had a great aquafit workout, we really worked the legs. I'm hardly able to do my squats for my squat challenge today. I've only managed to get 30 in so far. I did notice while working out the change in my legs, I'll have to remember to do some measurements.

I had a chocolate milk with my turkey and swiss sandwich. Quick protein and sugar for my low blood sugar. I had an apple of snack later.

Dinner was chicken with my homemade shake and bake it's good with caesar salad. Caught up with a friend on the phone and now I'm nibbling on some blue corn chips

before I head out.

Drank lots of water and only had one cup of coffee today. Yay me!

I'm going to relax tonight with a friend or two over drinks, so that should be nice to unwind.

Uneventful day. I was a little sore today from my run the day before (I need to find my insoles for my runners) and the aquafit helped work out the kinks.

Good night, good night!

A few new ones today.

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