Friday, July 19, 2013

My Other Half

Last night my mind was bogged down with thoughts to why I was blocked. Why was I blocking myself, what limiting belief did I have. Was I afraid of success? How do I change that?

My Husband, told me to stop, to just be positive. To block out the negative thoughts and only have positive ones.  He told me that I deserved to be healthy and happy. That I could do anything. That he believed in me and that he was behind me 100%.

Of course the conversation was longer than that but it brought me back. My Mars has always done that for me, as I hope I do for him. Sure we've had our fair share of problems but we've always been able to talk, to work through anything. He has always been my biggest supporter for whatever I want to do or achieve. He believes in me.

He's supported my healthy lifestyle changes and has stepped up and tried them himself which surprised me in some ways but I really shouldn't be.No matter what crap we get, we always seem to wade through it hands clasped and ready to take on the world.

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