Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The past few days...

The weekend went okay.

Saturday was a completely lazy day. I love it! I did not house work, nothing. I ready my book all day and spent time with the kids and then they were off with friends. So it was just me and the little guy. I didn't eat much and nothing considered unhealthy. So it was a good day.

Sunday, another fairly healthy day. I got a bit done around the house. Went strawberry picking with a friend and our kids. It was very hot though and the kids got grumpy. So we went home and made dinner together clam chowder and sweet potato fries. There was lots of squating and bending for berry picking. So my inner thighs were pretty sore after that.

Monday. another good day. I had a latter and  breakfast wrap, I'm going to stop doing this not only expensive but I could do even healthier at home. Muffin for snack. Great aquafit workout. I did get a sub for lunch filled with veggies. I had some left over clam chowder for snack. Kids had tacos for dinner and I had salad instead of the shell. It was pretty yummy.

Today, I woke up with a head and ear ache and a sore throat, so I'm staying home today. I'm not very hungry. But a had a bit of tuna this morning on half a croissant.

I'm dealing with lack of motivation since last Thursday. Maybe adding in C25K was just that one too many thing on my plate right now. I don't know. I was trying to think what had changed for me. I did the running on the Tuesday and by Thursday I was dreading it because of the boys. So maybe that was my excuse to give up. But I haven't given up. I haven't been doing my usual smoothies and healthy, healthy eating but there is a definite lack of and a change in my routine. That's the only thing I see there. That little bit of wiggle room I gave my negative side and kablam, it took advantage. I hate that I'm a subconscious saboteur. I really need to be more aware.

This happens a lot and I not sure why or what. I really need to change it.

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