Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I took a great long weekend. Did some fun stuff with the boys on Friday, spent the weekend kicking around the house (one days was muggy and we missed the weekends big festivities). Yesterday the two youngest boys, Jessy (Mickey decided our dogs name ended with a Y) and a good friend of ours went on an epic bike ride. It was so much fun. We biked and biked for about an hour to get to our destination, no beavers at the beaver pond that we could see, played in the mud big time. It threatened to rain the whole time but only sprinkled a bit once. We saw some interesting things, I took pictures, we took  a new path that ended with us pushing our bikes through some bush for a good long time and added lots of time to our trip. We got home 4 hours after we left.

I felt great, working my muscles. We stopped after about 45 minutes and at that point my blood sugar had dropped, I could feel it. We snacked on apples, grapes and water. I was good until we started coming back and then I fell once when Mica stopped abruptly in front of me and my foot went off the side of the trail when I stopped and I ended up in a thorn bush, my poor thumb has some deep thorns I haven't been able to get out. Once on the new path that we discovered wasn't the best for biking and we ended up pushing our bikes through. I think it probably took about half an hour way extra than what we would have traveled. Once back on the old trail I was very tired and cranky. My body was just plain tired and my one knee I landed on was buckling from biking. We managed okay, walking a bit more .

We were close to home I put the dog on her leash since we were close to the highway and I didn't want her to wander into traffic with her nose to the ground. I was tired by then and she ended up pulling me off balance and I took a tumble. Scrapped up leg and pretty sore and ready to cry at this point. I made it home and relaxed the rest of the night after taking some meds for pain.

I was a bit sore in places today but overall feeling good and strong still. No matter the bumps and bruises it was an excellent adventure!

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