Monday, October 28, 2013

Making my Day

Sometimes you can go through life in a fog. Make decisions that you are not even sure why you made. I've done such things in my fog of depression. I've done things that I regret terribly. It's very hard to explain. I was present but I was also not present. It was also easy to make decisions because I had an excuse, I could be selfish and not feel bad, I could hide in my home and not go anywhere. Almost hiding myself. I've always been that person who buried themselves to accommodate others, to make sure others were happy and satisfied, even if I didn't feel satisfied.

The core of me has not changed, I still want the best for my friends and maybe as I change and grow I become better, I want for the world to be a happy place. I can still be an emotional mess but it's getting better every day.

I've come a long way in the last six months.

I feel accomplished with all the little changes and big changes I made.

I quit pop over a year ago.
I quit smoking over a year ago as well.
I have more energy
I have a positive attitude and outlook and better moods
I am more at peace with my spirituality
I am exercising more regularly
I am sleeping better
I use meditation regularly.
I crave greens
I have less joint pain
My body is stronger.
I'm not afraid to try new things.
My finger nails are no longer peeling
My diabetes numbers are good
I have read the Four Agreements and The 5 Languages of Love
I have favorite green smoothies
I am feeling less stressed
My cravings have reduced
Have noticed that eating certain foods make you feel tired and sluggish affecting your mood and motivation
I am having fun in the kitchen again
I use the Silva Life system, to help with meditation and relaxation.
I'm writing again.
I'm creative again.
I'm making plans for the future.
I'm more present for the boys, my husband and my friends.
I can take a girls trip away without feeling guilty.
I lift weights regularly.
I regularly take my medication.
I regularly take kombucha, kefir or other probiotics to keep my gut healthy.
I make whole fools, real foods, clean foods from scratch.
I brew my own probiotic drinks.

These are the accomplishments I can remember and I'm adding to it all the time. My life has become less stressful and more productive. I'm happier, my marriage is successful, my kids are flourishing and getting healthier everyday.
I've been in contact with some distant relatives through my genealogy research and that person got me in touch with my Gramps' step sister who showed him this photo. This is my Gramps and Me, I believe i was 2 in this photo. When we visited the farm.

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