Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What's Out there?

I do a lot of perusing on the internet, I read a lot of blogs and websites for information or fun. I thought it would be nice to compile a weekly list to share with any readers.

1. I've been thinking about this homemade shampoo lately. I've tried it once with the conditioner. I would like to continue to use it more and more.

2. I have been following the Silva Method, for relaxation and meditation. Here is one video for deep relaxation.

3. These personality test are always fun to see. Mine are usually pretty accurate of my personality. I come up as an INFP.

4. I'd like to try this orange vanilla bean kefir water. I'll need to replenish my kefir grains. I've done orange before and really enjoyed it. Kefir has a milk flavor that I enjoy.

5. A beautiful article from a divorced man. I think it can go both ways too. I'm always reminding myself to give my love to my husband, not to be selfish and take from him all the time. He deserves some pampering too!

Well, that's all I will do for today. We've had sickness pass through the house this weekend, we missed our turkey dinner at my Mother's house but we got some leftovers and I had made a pumpkin cheesecake that we enjoyed. I spend Monday moving my boys rooms around, they are all settled into their own new rooms in the house. I'll be busy this week getting ready for my ladies weekend getaway. We seem to be getting later in the season this year and we chose a different place to go this time. We'll be more into the wilderness up the Dempster Highway but it should be fun with a great bunch of ladies.We'll even have access to a hot tub and sauna. Sounds too good to be true.

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