Monday, December 09, 2013

Random and varied thoughts twirling arund

I've started many posts the last few weeks but never finish any. I've had random thoughts and feelings lately. On top of trying work in cooking from scratch and getting exercise everyday, I've added hockey mom to the list and am now at the rink 3 nights a week and one weekend morning. Oye! So here is just a bit of the things I was writing about but never finished.

Can I be honest with you? I'm not perfect, never have been and never will be.
I beat myself up sometimes because I'm not perfect. I work on it everyday.
Some days I'm way more positive than others.
Some days I'm on plan perfectly.
Some days I get in lots of exercise.
Some days I'm lovin' on everyone and feeling the love too!
Some days I'm open to change.
Some days I'm open to learning.
Some days I'm open to.......
Some days I shut down.

When I need to wind down, I need solitude. I'm a true introvert when it comes to this. With the cold temperatures rolling in, I want to cuddle up at home and read books, watch tv and drink hot chocolate.

I've always buried myself to accommodate others. The people pleaser in me.

I wish I had all the answers but we are all put here with the same amount of information.

My whole life I was an optimistic person. I saw the good in everyone and everything. Things changed.

How we think, how we feel affects our bodies in so many ways. In all the reading and research I have done, it all points to this. It affects our health and the natural function of our bodies. Not only are chemicals toxic to our bodies, so are our thoughts.

A good article on happiness:

Have you ever felt trapped?
Trapped by y our own insecurities.
Trapped by your own fears.
Trapped by my own apathy.

I worry too much, I try to change the way I think.
I want to be better and good.

Sometimes I have a lot of I wish or If Only moments. Things would be different, things would have been different. I could have changed this. Then I realize that there is nothing I can do to change anything. I just have to keep moving forward. Maybe things will change, maybe they won't.

Nothing is in my control, only how I am to any situation.

I will always be there. Even if you think I don't care, I really do and I would be there in a heartbeat.

So yeah, totally random thoughts. Maybe when I'm not so busy. I mean really I haven't quilted or sewn anything in over month. Yes, I'm busy. I have plans on taking next summer off to be with the boys, so that is a huge thing. Very happy my work is supporting it so it can happen. Things could change who knows but for now I'm going to be with the boys.

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