Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Trying New Things

I've been meaning all winter to head to Women'ts volleyball, maybe this weekend. There are other things I've wanted to try, I had thought about zumba when it started, one coworker said it was too busy and would rather do it at home so I never went since I was still in a very anti-social way. Plus now, I figure I have enough on my plate and another friend was just encouraging me to go. She said on Monday and Friday they do it in the gym. Maybe on Friday nights I'll give it a try. I do have a lot on my schedule with 3 nights a week taking the boys to hockey. I like my nights after hockey to do what I want to do and not exercise. I like exercise in the morning.

Tuesday and Thursdays my trainer does a step class and a kickboxing class. I really want to go to the kickboxing class.

So I might only do one thing. I already do a lot and have a lot in my routine and the things I want to add are home things. I'm starting to associated exercise as not at home and only at the gym or out walking. So I really want to get back to yoga and pilates at home and I still have those Tae Bo dvd's and our elliptical which I have always loved.

I was going to blow up my ball again and start using that again. I'd taken a two week break over the holidays but I'm back at it now and I don't feel like I really lost any strength or stamina in those two weeks. Sunday's workout felt great. I'm off to the gym in the morning and back on schedule. I love the feeling of routine.

I've learned that I need to write things down if I'm going to do them. So I need to get my schedule down on paper and it will happen. Oh yes it will. ;)

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