Friday, March 28, 2014

Sick Little Girl Doggie

 She just got home last night.
Yeah, so okay she's not so little. My girl was sick last week. We were working with the local vet last week to figure out what was wrong with her. She wasn't eating and was very lethargic.

By Saturday and Sunday she hadn't eaten and you could tell something was very wrong.
 We made the decision to take her to the city. Not realizing the vet here did surgery. Anyway, long story short she had something call pyometra, a condition female dogs can get where they get a bacteria in their uterus at the end of a heat. Which she had just finished. We had planned on get her spayed in April.

This condition could have killed her. We couldn't afford this emergency trip but ended up borrowing money to save our girl. We love her so much and the boys would be devastated if we last her, I would be too! I think we all would be. My husband and doggy made it home late last night.

It's been a very hard week on us all, the stress and I ended up at the hospital twice because of falls, one at work and one out on the slippery ice we have this time of year.

I'm just glad it's Friday!

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