Monday, May 12, 2014

(My favorite salad with quinoa.)

The other day I was walking back to work from the post office on my lunch break and I had this feeling of relief. I realized that I was back, that the me that I had lost so long ago had surfaced and that I was good, mentally. Not that I'm perfect and good for life but that I know that I can handle things maybe not everything but I can sure try and if I do have set backs I can come back from them stronger and having learned something. Does that make sense? I felt this weight lift off and I felt a spring in my step. I'm back and maybe a little wiser. At least I hope that I am. I'm working with a new coach and I'm learning to identify my feelings more and use techniques other than eating to deal with them, she has been a great guide. About a month ago a attended a workshop about redefining your relationship with food. It was eye opening and inspiring. The instructor who is my coach now talked about mindful eating, how meditation and tapping (look up on youtube) can help you. She also got us into a book club to read and discuss a book over 6 weeks. The book is called Life is Hard, Food is Easy by Linda Spangle. It's been a wonderful book so far with great insights and suggestions. I can't wait to finish it.
My other coach taught me about food, treating myself to downtime and exploring new things. Now I'm delving into my true feelings and dealing with some issues. I'm journaling again, I'm facing things head on and I"m inspired to write again. In the book I identified with many things including hanging on to the past. Mind you I completely overload and ignored a lot of things until recently and now I'm going to work through exploring those feelings and either letting go of them and moving on or figuring out a way to live with them until they don't mean anything anymore.
The last few weeks have really been about growth, working on myself, taking time to have quiet or exercise. Connecting with my husband and my kids and also getting into the summer routine again. I'm counting down the days to the summer, our yearly girls getaway and traveling a bit around the territory with the kids and friends and visiting friends I don't get to see as often as I would like. I'm super excited to share some quality time with the boys and work on the yard.

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