Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Drowning by Jassy DeJong Review

I was asked to provide a review by Astor+Blue on the book Drowing by Jassy De Jong. I love reading and was thrilled to be asked to give a review.

I got copy for my kindle and jumped in right away one Friday evening. I didn't stop until I finished at 1 am. The book grabbed me right away with it's mysterious and complex characters. The story moved along quickly and at times had my heart racing with the sex scenes!

The story begins with Erin, a photographer waking up in a strange place after having almost died in a terrible accident that leaves her stranded on one side of a river with a handsome Nicholas, her rescuer. On the other side of the river, who she is desperately trying to get back to is her husband who was in a separate car on their journey to a photo shoot.

Erin is drawn to her rescuer and he drops her a proposal no sane woman would turn down! The book is steamy and sensual with beautiful images and scenery of the African outback!

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