Thursday, January 15, 2015

Working fingers.

Gosh, I can't believe I have the bug. Yes... I have it. The quilting bug. I want to design, sew, quilt. I want to do it all. It's all consuming, all I think about. I want to do it everyday. I can't obviously, busy household of boys and chores and whatnot. But there are days when I just say oh well that can wait and I sit down in front of my machine and zone out. I never thought I would find this kind of passion for something.

I still want other things, I'm still taking a herbal course and still writing/reading and being a Mom. I don't get to sew everyday, I wish!

So that is basically my update. I have my time as wife and mother which is always wonderful. Don't worry there is also the mundaneness of life that goes with the wonderful. Life is not perfect.

Mickey forgets his lunch sometimes, Mica doesn't every stop talking and Kale is a teenager and never wants to be home anymore. I see myself at that age all the time now. He's pretty open with me right now. I was with my parents I know that doesn't change until maybe he's a little bit older and maybe it won't be an issue with friends but when he gets a girlfriend he'll be hush, hush. He already had one girlfriend for a weekend. I only know because I keep pretty close tabs on the kids online.

Honey is missing his baby girl. We all miss her, him mostly. I understand that, I can't imagine being away from my boys so long. I just wish we had more money for visits and stuff. Only three more years and we'll be out of debt for good and the pinch and struggle we feel right now will be easier.

As I've said before we are leaning more toward a simpler lifestyle. Budgeting is getting a little better, I hope next year Christmas will be more organized than it was this year. It was our first budgeted Christmas so that was interesting and more of struggle. The boys didn't really miss the hoards of presents so that was so great. We had a few extra guests at Christmas brunch so that was nice as well.

This last year has been so amazing in really finding my center, focusing on my family and making the house less cluttered.

I managed to get a treadmill, so I don't have to make those cold early morning visits to the gym, I can do it all right at home now. As soon as I get on a good sleep schedule again, the holidays threw me off and I wasn't even off for that long just a four day weekend. I guess my body just needs sleep right now.

I miss my productive 5am. :) Well, I have some cutting to do for my next quilt. Ha! I already have two others cut and ready for sewing. I like a challenge. I mean three quilts is nothing. I have 7 books on my night stand I'm reading.

I should have a new book review soon too!

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