Tuesday, August 04, 2015

It's been a busy day/weekend. Impromtu ladies night. It was so  nice because I got a great meal, a nice massage, laughed until my face hurt, shared stories, we talked and talked. I love these woman. I slept in this morning and then off to a Detox Cooking class and then quilting for the rest of the afternoon. Now it's some down time with the family.

We didn't do much not that we ever do. We just hang out with each other. I've always liked days like this. I like our own company. I do wish we had more of a tribe around us.

I had a short visit with my Mom and have been busy procrastinating! Ha! Quilting needs to be done. My cousin is getting married this weekend and I need to finish this quilt. it shouldn't take long. I'm on the last stages and I have four days. Lots of time!

I started my detox yesterday. I don't necessarily believe in detoxes but I did want a kick in the butt, a jump start to my healthier eating. I really should have started at the beginning of summer when there was more great produce up here. I haven't even read my book yet to start the process. So I'm doing this 3 day detox and then this other 30 day cleanse, after that I should be set for my transition.

It seems extreme even to me, but I feel like I need it. My biggest problem is food, I love it. I love good tasting comfort food. What I am learning is that you can combine all these really great foods and they have amazing flavours and textures.

1 snack I loved was 2 mejool dates stuffed with almond butter and sprinkled with cinnamon. Yum! So tasty.

So I'm gong to continue journaling thing way for now and we'll see where all this writing takes me. So far it's making me happy!

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