Monday, January 04, 2016

Busy Busy Busy

I love Christmas. The spirit of Christmas, just love the feeling of being with people I love and sharing laughs and stories. We had our Christmas ladies night, it was a lot of fun. We talked and planned future events. We stood around a bonfire, we ate food, laughed, played games and gift games. All in fun!

We've been decorating the house. The kids just got a tree a few days ago and did a great job. It's huge but I'm happy the kids got it. It has lots of character!

This is my favorite picture of it. I have to adjust it because it's pushing on the blinds. Haha!

I'm hoping to finally get some baking done tomorrow. I've been cleaning and decorating. We'll have a full house on Christmas Day as usual, we always host a Morning Brunch and invite friends and family. And this year I'm doing dinner as well. Sorry I'll do some baking tomorrow and prep for Christmas day.

It's funny how Christmas has changed for me. 

We've developed new traditions. I'm trying to teach my children service, so we volunteer to put together and delivery the Christmas hampers. I'll have to come up with more way throughout the year where we volunteer. My oldest is already getting a taste for it by being involved at the youth center where they do a lot of service and jobs to raise money for trips and activities.

So we'll continue on making new and fun memories!

Oh I forgot about this.

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