Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Well I've been making myself over busy again.

I really do not know why I do that. Add a little of this and add a little of that and voila!

But it also seems that when I have more to do, I do more. I wonder why that is.

I started taking an online Herbal course last year and I never finished, then I found out I have until Oct 2017 to finish it, so I dug that out again.

School has started up, so I have to pick up my youngest for lunch a couple of days a week and I'm on school council, so that adds to my life.

I've been on a bit of an exercise break and I can feel my muscles going away. I'm trying to figure out a home routine in the mornings but my house feels full and cluttered so I want to get rid of some things.

I did start walking again and I'm thinking that I will walk to and from work more often. I wonder is I can keep it up through the winter, weather permitting of course.

Boys are happy and getting healthier everyday. They really are doing much better eating wise. Well except for the teenager, he's a work in progress.

Meal planning is really helping me, although I do find I spend a lot of time prepping and doing dishes. Eating this way does take a big of work but it's so work it.

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