Sunday, November 18, 2018

I started my day getting up at 7am ready to hit the gym. I spent the night in pain and was still in a bit when I woke up. My osteoarthritis in my knee had decided to flare up.  I was side tracked by kids, obligations and finally made it to the gym by 9am after taking some motrin. No one was there, and I really like it this way. I was ready to getting my cardio in and some weight training. I hoped on the treadmill and found I was a little stronger than I was at my previous visit a week before. I was able to move up to a high speed quickly and found I felt like running. I then remember I had an appointment at 10am with my Life Coach. So I though great, I will run to get my heart rate up. My knee didn't agree, I ran about a minute or two and my knee got painful so I stopped and moved on to my weight training.
I stopped and grabbed a bit to eat and coffee on my way to my appointment. My energy was pretty good today.
My appointment with my Life Coach went great. I have many issues/struggles right now but I'm very resilient these days and find I can rise to the occasion instead of spiraling down into the dark place.
My main focus these days in staying on top of my game. I've starting online courses to go back to school. I'm working on getting back on track with the plant based eating and getting my exercise in.

So that was yesterday.

Today, I went to the gym again. Walk/ran for 31 minutes and pushed through some pain in my knee. It didn't get too back so I wasn't overdoing it. Did some great stretches after that.
I ran home and had a visit with my husband before he took off to his shop to do some work. Then I went and had brunch with two girlfriends. One who's been away for 6 weeks. So it was nice to catch up.
Came home did some homework. Did a pile of dishes and did some cooking and baking to prepare for tonight's' dinner. Got my son on his homework he's been putting off all weekend. He's almost done now.
Had a big blow out with my oldest son, we are usually pretty good communicators but there have been some struggles lately and we stepped back and took a breath and talked straight after that. It's been a hell of a year with him but I can see we are starting to make progress.
I'm super tired now, I looked at my fitbit dashboard and saw I only had 4 and half hours sleep last night. So now going to do one last errand and his the hay, as they say! :)

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