Friday, September 15, 2006

Stress Reliever...

My garden. As long as I can remember my dad has had a garden. It's gone from a 20 ft x 15 ft garden at our old home where I grew up to about 15- 20ft boxes by 4 feet at their new home as well as the green house. What I remember and dread about gardening is weeding. My brother and I always had to do this chore and I hated it but it didnt' stop me from wanting my own garden.

I think I equat having a garden with having a home. I almost felt lost the years I was out on my own and no garden in sight. So this is my sedon year with my two boxes to grow to my hearts content. This year proved more bountiful that the last. I think I am gaining some experience from my father's constant teachings. I think he gets a kick out of the fact that I want to garden and he helps me to accomplish this.

So this year I grew things I did last years. My tomatoes yielded quite a few of it's fruit while last years I got not a single one. My sweet peppers did a little better this year by giving me three small peppers. They didn't even have leaves last year.

I got lot's of zucchini, both regular and round. I got one round cucumber and about four lemon cucumbers.

I got maybe 40lb of potatoes from my 8 plants. 4 broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. Lot's of green onion. Not as many peas, as I didn't plant as many this year. I need them in a different box I think. Beets were also plenty and my carrots actually grew to a few inches but still tiny. I'm very proud of all the food I grew for my family this year, especially my pototaes. I didn't expect to get so much but I'm happy.

I'll post some pictures when I get a chance to sit down at my computer at home.

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