Monday, January 08, 2007

All is well!

I was back at the doctor's today and my blood pressure has gone back to normal and I've lost a pound. No protein in the urine and no change in the swelling so all is good and I shoudl be fine for the last four days of my pregnancy. Yup! Four days! I can not believe it.

I'm doing laundry today, so I can finish packing my bag. I picked up my travel itinerary and I'm almost set to go. Tomorrow morning I write an exam at 10am and then after that I'll pick of SmartGuy from school and take him to a prenatal lunch with me, my mom will bring Little M with her as she's going to be watching him while I write the exam. He's feeling a little better, not up all night and the cough is not as bad but his voice hasn't really come back. He can't talk anyway but it's putting a hinderance on his trying. It comes out in a faint whisper.

A very generous friend came and took SmartGuy skating yesterday and he had a great time. He also got his Christmas present from her which was a joystick Spiderman video game, it might be a little to sophisticated for him but he won't stop trying. Hubby seems to be playing it more than him. So we shall see how it works out.

So not much else going on right now, so I'll sign off and hopefully have one more entry before I leave.

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