Saturday, January 06, 2007

Grumpy Gus!

My poor little man is so tired and so sick. He's been up most of the night and slept in intervals. His breathing is really heavy and when he coughs it doesn't do anything so it freaks him out. I feel so bad for him. I do what I can for him but nothing seems to help too much. I'm using Benedryl to clear the sinuses and Tylenol to keep the fever down. It does do the trick for a few minutes and he manages to sleep for a bit. He's up now though watching the Winnie the Pooh movie SmartGuy picked out for him. And he's fallen asleep my Grumpy Gus!

SmartGuy is doing well, not feeling sick at all. Just finished his first half week back at school and had hockey practice last night. Hubby says he's getting better and I've missed the last two practices and that sucks for me. I like watching him especially if he's getting better.

Hubby was busy working yesterday and he's still not feeling any better. Everyone was in bed by 8:30 last night.

Me, I'm still on bed rest. My blood pressure and weight stayed the same, so I'm to rest and rest some more and go back Monday to get it checked again. If it's gone up then I may be put on a blood pressure drug for the duration of the pregnancy but she figures I only have 6 days left, I should be okay.

Will sitting on my computer working count as rest if I have my feet up? I sure hope so. I'm hoping to finish my final assignments this weekend and that way I can write my exams on Monday or Tuesday.

So now I'm up and it's not even 7am yet! I guess I'll have some cereal since I'm hungry. Check in later or another day.

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Amber said...

The sickies stink. :o( I hope he's getting to feeling better.

Sorry to hear about your having to miss SmartGuy's hockey.

It sounds like the bed rest is working, so at least you're not doing it for nothing. :o) I guess you're getting checked again today... I'm anxious to hear how it goes. ((((Hugs))))