Wednesday, January 24, 2007

OH happy day!!!

I'm in a good mood today, I'll tell you why in a minute.

Well, things are good, we are slowly getting into a schedule. The baby at the moment is sleeping most of the night and I love that. Neither of the other boys slept so much at night. I'm having a hard time coming up with good blog names for my boys, Little M seems to fit but I'd like something else, MonkeyBoy still seems to fit considering the situations he puts himself in by climbing the cabinetry.
Now baby boy, I guess I'll call him SnowBaby for now, it's simple enough. He's growing so much and is just adorable. He sleeps with us at night and sleeps well in his little crable in the living room during the day. His brothers till adore him and are fawning over him 24/7. Yesterday, SnowBaby and I went to SmartGuys' class for his show and tell and he talked about his brother. He does very well with these things, not shy at all. He told everything there was to know about his little baby brother and the kids questions at the end seemed to cover everything entirely.

I'm also feeling very much better, almost good as new and that's a plus. Really, I'm feeling pretty good, a little more sleep and I'm right as rain. Now, the thing that has me smiling today, I'm 14lb away from being at my pre-pregnancy weight of 275lb. I still have just over 4 weeks before I can get back to my routine, I'm hoping but so far I'm healing and feeling great, so I'm not too worried about that. But the weight thing is just so awesome for me, only 14lbs. Really because I did that the last time, when I started my fitness and healthy eating routine. I'm just so thankful that I don't feel like this will be an uphill battle.

On, terrible news my car is crapping out on me. We took it to be fix before I went to have the baby and it's had a new alternator, starter, tune up and oil change but there is something wrong in the transmission, it's a $90 part but will take about 6 hours to get to it. We can afford to get it fixed soon, so I had hubby take it back to the shop. There is no way I'm going to drive my car with my young children if it's going to bail on me on my next visit to town or something. So I'll be couped up at home for a few more days, that's okay with me, if I really need to get out I just borrow hubby's truck and take off without all the kids just the baby. So now, on to some pictures.

Look at the size difference. SnowBaby is my smallest baby and for some reason he seems so tiny compared to my big boys now.


Amber said...

YAY! I'm so glad you're getting to feeling better and that your recovery's going so smoothly. :o)

Sorry to hear that about the car.

WTG on almost being back down to your PPG weight. That was quick!

Jennifer said...

You sound like you are doing great! And you can do it...i'll support you with your weight loss, I am there with you! :)

I'm sorry to hear about your car...ugh! I hope your transmission is not going out...that is so expensive to replace. My alternator in my truck is going out too, but I am lucky bc my DH can fix that one easy.

And could your kids be any cuter?? Give em a squeeze from me! :)