Wednesday, January 24, 2007

New Lunch Box

for SmartGuy
My oldest spends his lunches at school and we've been using lunch bags but going through plastic bags, aluminum foil or wax paper seems bad.
I've been frequently checking this site. Vegan Lunch Box for lunch ideas or just to see what she has made recently.
I'm trying to change our children's eating habits, I'm guilty of giving into the sweet pleasures of food and by that I do a lot of baking. I'm also a bad example of eating habits. I grew up as part of the 'empty plate' club. A curse that I have not passed on to my kids thank goodness. I don't make them eat everything if they don't want to. I do make sure they have at least two bite of everything, so they at least have tried something.
My oldest, SmartGuy is pretty good for the most part in his eating habits but he's got a sweet and salty tooth, both from me and his dad. He absolutely loathes mashed potatoes and gags when he takes even the smallest bit.
My youngest, Hudini, is an eater like mom, he likes savoury food with lot's of flavor. Usually the comfort food variety and not so healthy for you. The only veggies he eats are carrots and cauliflower and the only fruit he likes is apples, oranges and bananas.
So now that I'm back on the road to healthy eating, we are going to be changing or tweaking our eating habits. Not so fast or convenient.
I ordered the lunch box above from Lunchboxes and ordered the Bento Box. I've seen this box in a few places and figured it would be a perfect way to pack lunches for my son, save money by not using consumables so much and finding new ways to pass on good eating habits to my son. So this is what I packed this morning for his lunch.
Just simple rice with soya sauce, cut up veggies (carrots, snap peas & broccoli), a few cubes of cheese, creamy cucumber dip, bananas and grapes and some honey tebby bear grahams and mini marshmallows. I will add that he rarely gets a treat like the last mention in his lunches.
So I'm hoping in the future I'll have some more healthy recipes to share. Once I'm past this postpartum stuff and back to my old self because frankly lately I haven't felt like cooking or baking.

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Jennifer said...

That looks like an AWESOME lunch box! Can you pack my lunches for me?? hehehe!

I feel you on changing our eating habits...that's what I am trying to do here as well. Good luck to you! I look forward to when you get a chance to look up some healthy recipes!