Monday, February 05, 2007

My week...

Baby strapped to chest.
Baby up at 2am.
Toddler sick and sick some more.l
Whiney and possible sick 5 year old.
Mountain of clean laundry in living room.
Mountain of dirty laundry to clean.
Only room clean in the house: kitchen.
Year-end for business.
Exam to write.
Tracking food and walking.
No income yet, from maternity.
Did I mention the dirty house.

Okay, all will be well in about 24 hours, after I have finished year end, I can fix the house and the boys will be back to normal soon. I mean at least I'm feeling good just a bit stressed. At least I have a hubby who will clean up vomit and jump out of bed everytime the toddler so much as coughed and got him to the bathroom. So pretty much I'm not sure when I'll get back to regular blogs but soon.

I'll be taking a new writing workshop at the end of the month. I missed the one with the last writer in residence in January but I was so newly out of the hospital is seem futile to go. So I'll def enjoy this one. I can't wait.

You don't need hours every day to write; a few lines a day can become a poem, a paragraph a day adds up to a story, a written-out story can be the beginning of a full-length memoir, novel, or family history. We'll use poetry and prose exercises to kick-start your brain into trying all styles of writing, and shake our family trees for stories, legends, myths, secrets and lies. We'll get into the habit of writing something every single day of our lives.
generating ideas - writing mud - DADA exercises - story-telling - Beat mantras - New York School games - instant inspiration - ekphrastic poetry – daily ghazals - and other entertainments!!!
Why not enjoy the process? Come to KIAC for four meetings (one 2-hour session per week) led by Lisa Pasold, Berton House writer-in-residence

Lisa Pasold grew up in Montreal; her first book of poetry, Weave, was nominated for an Alberta Book Award. Stephen Osborne in Geist called the book "quite simply a masterpiece: there is more in these eighty odd pages than in most novels." The Globe and Mail calls her new poetry collection, A Bad Year for Journalists, "critical, darkly funny and painstakingly lyrical." As a journalist, Lisa has been thrown off a train in Belarus, has eaten the world's best pigeon pie in Marrakech, and been cheated in the Venetian gambling halls of Ca' Vendramin Calergi. Her work has appeared in publications as diverse as The National Post, New York Living, and Billboard Magazine. In 2006, she was in France teaching Creative Writing at the American University in Paris; she has also taught at the Montreal YMCA and led workshops in writing family history & memoir for the Paris Writers' Workshop and WICE (Women's Institute of Continuing Education, France).
February 28 - March 21, 2007

Wednesdays 6 - 8 pm
Fee $60


Amber said...

((((Hugs)))) You sure do sound busy for someone that just had a baby! LOL!

Hope the stress eases soon!

©Jac said...

Awww. I hope the boy is feeling better soon!

Jennifer said...

Oh no. I hope the baby feels better soon. Poor lil guy! :(

Anonymous said...

Love you , Hope that you and the boys feel better soon. love h