Thursday, March 15, 2007

March 7

Let hte creative juices flow. I am being sarcastic if you didn't already know. HOw am I to write with a crying baby, a precosious toddler and a smart mouth kindergartener. no today is not my sentimental day.
One hundred and one things to do today. My laundry is quiet yet taunting pile in the middle of my living room and I pray every minute I don't receive unexpected visitors at my door.

As I wirte this my baby is laying on the lfoor in front of me crying his little head off. He's changed, feed and burped, he should be find but I think he has grown accustomed to me rocking and swaying him, I do practice attachment parenting, so no surprise there!

The two oldest boys are in their room wading through toys and books and bedding. Today they have made messes I can not keep up with—pooled milk and crumbs galore. Even smeared feces and that is a first in my five plus years of parenting and this was caused by my most mischevious 2 year old who is trying to potty-train himself even though I'm not ready for it yet.

I missed my exercise class because my husband had to work today, it's almost 3 and he should be home any minute so I can have a break.

I need a few groceries and a walk. I need to breath, to come up for air.

I don't usualy have days like today, they usually go...smoother and with much less yelling.
It can't be all that bed if I managed the ten minutes it took to write this, the boys are laughing now and baby is asleep on my chest. So let the creative juices flow, it seesm easier to write amid chaos some days.

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