Friday, March 16, 2007

So far...

I woke up feeling good. It was only7:30, the kids were up. I sat them down to breakfast. I figured they were bein good, so SnowBaby and I would take a shower. I showered us and then went to the bedroom to get dress. SmartGuy was supposed to be getting dress. I heard him yell something at me but wasn't paying attention. So after I was dressed I went to check on the boys.

Jam was all over the bedroom floor. Apparently Little M got the jam and spread it everywhere. So I proceed to the kitchen to get some paper towel and the mop and water. THe dining room is covered in rice milk and butter. The phone rang after I went to start the car to take SmartGuy to school. I cried to my hubby and he came to get SmartGuy for school. I cleaned up the other messes and then sat down to relax.

I started to look at my Self magazine and realized I keep talking about exercise but just haven't done it. So I got up and did 13 minutes on the elliptical. It feel great, my legs feel like jello but it felt so good to build up that sweat. It also felt good to learn that I could do 13 minutes, I remember when I first tried it a year and a half ago I could only do a few minutes before being so out of breath. So now I'm in a better mood for the day.

There was also an article in the magazine called Together, Forever about marriage and divorce. I'll have to post some thoughts on that later.

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Jennifer said...

You are an inspiration. Here I am whining about being sick and you have three boys and a day that started off crazy and yet you still worked out!! I need to be like you!