Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy Easter.

There are days when I question my ability to be a mother, especially to three children. Latley, I feel frazzled and stressed out. My almost three month old baby is really trying me today, nursing and catnapping all day long. I was scrapbooking all day too, so it put a hamper on my day at least I was prepared for disturbances because who can bring a baby to a scrapping day without a interruption.

Well I started this 2 days ago and never got to finish. I'm not even sure where to start or finish. Life is busy these days, all three boys are sick right now with this cold. I also heard that Chicken Pox was in the school, so I'm not sure what to do. SmartGuy had the chicken pox when he was about 18 months old and I do believe that it's not a contagious virus, so he couldn't bring it home for his brothers. I'm really hoping. Maybe if I stay away from everyone long enough we'll miss it before we head to Edmonton, worse would be if they got it just before going to Edmonton and maybe hindering out trip.

I'm really looking forward to leaving for a little while just for something different. Maybe for shopping as well, there are a ton of things on my list and we really will be watching how we spend. Double stroller, bumbo seat for sure. I have a few kitchen items on my list for Ikea, as well as some storage boxes I use for keepsake boxes for the boys. I know for sure Hubby will be visiting House of Tools, he's such a man! I will definitely be checking out some scrapbooking places.

Not to mention a mini-van, and some new booster seats for the older boys. Maybe a portable dvd player for the trip home. Things may just pile up and I really don't want it to since we are buying a new vehicle.

I have been walking, it's my only stress free thing these days. I walked two days, didn't for two days and then have been walking for the last three or four, I'm losing track but I'm sure I have racked up 8 km, into town and back. Friday was the most interesting walk since I had all three boys and we walked into town. SnowBaby in stroller, Little M walking and standing on the foot rest and SmartGuy walking the whole way. It worked out great, it was a 2 hr 15 min walk. I've also been doing pilates again, a more beginner one right now and it's been helping me.

My weight has stayed the same these last almost 3 months and I'm ready for a change. But I've been a real chocoholic lately, having a chocolate bar everyday and that is terrible for me. I sometimes think I'm substituting it for smoking. I do consider myself a non-smoker now but have had a craving or two recently but haven't given in. After a family Easter dinner tonight my dad went out for a smoke and I remarked "still smoking?". His comment was "oh, you'll be smoking again soon." Great motivation dad! I wasn't perturbed though because I know that I won't, it would hamper my exercise and I don't want that at all.

What I've noticed lately is my belly fat is more so. Usually I have a bigger lower belly and a smaller top belly but right now the top part is sticking out more and seems more prominant on me making me seem apple shaped and I'm usually pear shaped. I've been stressed out a lot since SnowBaby was born so I guess it's all going to my belly, I heard stress can cause belly fat but I can't remember the name of the hormone, cortisol or something like that. So that is really given me motivation, it may be vain which I'm not usually but it's just something that I don't want and I have to change.

My stress level has been high with the boys all sick because it makes them crankier and whinier and my hubby is working all day and I feel like I can't get away. So that's when I take my breaks and walk, when hubby comes home for lunch or for dinner. I grab my iPod and runners and walk.

I am so amazed at the weather change in the last week. It's just crazy. We went from -20°C to above zero over night. The snow is melting quickly and I'm loving it. Except for the mucky and wet conditions. I almost got stuck yesterday and today my parking spot is a puddle.
Sharing his beautiful smile!


Amanda said...

Those boys are just so gorgeous, I could eat them up right through my monitor!

Good work on the walking: Especially since it's providing two purposes right now. And don't beat yourself up over maintaining the same weight, because you haven't gone up any!

Stop being so dang hard on yourself! And Happy Easter to you, too.

Anonymous said...

what a smile!!!! warms ya right down to the core..
as the guy off the water boy said,,"YOU CAN DO IT!"
you always give a 110% so don't feel bad when your only giving 99..
love to you

©Jac said...

YOu have 3 very cute boys! Looks like the Easter was a hit!