Tuesday, May 22, 2007


First off check out the cheesecake I made here.

Things have been good. I'm feeling much better mentally. I've got the bit of the flu or something right now keeps me tied to the house but that's okay. I've caught up on a lot of reading and housework. Yes, the house is clean for a change, well, except for the boys room but it could never stay clean in there. I'm taking it one day at a time and really trying to change some things around here.

I'm hoping today that I can get my green house started, hubby brought me a bunch of containers for my tomatoes and peppers. I'm excited to get things planted for this years crop.

I'm taking a road trip tomorrow. I wasn't going to until June but I'll go in June as well. There is always the need to get out of town if only for a couple of days. My income taxes came back and I caught up with all our bills, so I have a bit of extra money right now. I could put it into savings but I do need some things in Whitehorse and since I will have all three boys with me I probably won't be going crazy with the shopping.

I started reading The Secret yesterday and it's really interesting. It's already a way of thinking that I believe in but more so. I try and want to be a positive thinker and this just pushes this more so. I believe there will be great changes ahead for me.

Things with the boys are good. Snow Baby is almost 17lbs. He's rolling over and creeping around the floor, I can't believe it. But if you put him on his belly and makes it around to a different spot after a bit. Little M is still a two year old but I think things are getting better. We had an assessment done on his speech and already he is starting to say more words.

SmartGuy is doing way better. He still working on his behavior but it's improving slowly. He just needs reminders, time alone with his parents and things to challenge his mind. We are making progress and it feels good.

It's really great to acknowledge something, anything that may be a problem and makes changes to make it better. In all aspects this seems to be working. I visited with two friends that I hardly see these days this weekend. It was nice for me to actually get out of the house and go and see them. I think it will help me get back to myself to do the things I used to do.

I am still a non-smoker but I've been having problems with this. I've been stressed and everything and I have been allowing myself to have cigarettes over the last few weeks, I've lost count of how many. I was craving them for awhile as well but I've decided that I still want to be a non-smoker and I'm not going to bum them anymore or allow myself to be sucked back into that trap.

I'm making changes!

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