Sunday, May 27, 2007

Random thoughts.

Not sure what to do with myself. Gramma came and got the two oldest boys and baby just fell asleep.

I'm doing well for a woman who spends her days with three rangy children. It's been busy. SmartGuy isn't done school but he missed 2.5 days last week to be with me, I guess he didn't get perfect attendance this year. They are doing a big picnic tomorrow for K-Gr4, no school tuesday and then awards in the AM wednesday and then they are done.

My dad came over yesterday and basically put all my tomatoes, cucumber and peppers in pops for me to pu in the green house. I was busy with the boys. I did water the plants and got some of my planting stuff organized in my new greenhouse. I also tossed my garden and still need to put the manure in and them plant some seeds, my dad will bring down the rest of the transplants later. He did all of my transplants this year since I'm just busy with the boys.

Something has been on my mind. I'm not a worry wart usually or a what-if kind of person but I wonder what would have happened is my mother hadn't come over on Friday night when I asked her to. I was having a hectic day with the boys and trying to get their supper ready. I had called mom to see if she would watch then for 20 minutes so I could get a break and go get a movie. She didn't hesitate to come down and maybe there was a reason.

I was just putting the boys dinner on the table, they were watching tv and SnowBaby was on the floor rolling around and mom came in. In a matter of seconds she was running over to SnowBaby and turning him over. He was choking and I hadn't heard it over the sound of the boys and tv and preoccupied with making dinner. My mom saved his life and that is what I wonder, if she had not come over the night might have ended differently.

He was choking on a goldfish cracker. I had given them to the boys earlier and one had ended up on SnowBaby's blanket and either one of the boys put it in his mouth or he somehow did. He's just starting to really reach for things and pull to the mouth but I've never seen him put anything small in his mouth yet. So I really do know. But I went over food rules about babies with SmartGuy and Little M just to be sure.

Now I am cleaning my house top to bottom again because I realize that I have to keep up with SnowBaby moving around as he does, he may be crawling in the next couple of months like his brothers. Scary thought I know but my boys were walking at 8 and 10 months old.


Siuan said...

Thanks Jen. I was freaked out but feel better now. He's doing great too! He's super smiley.
Hubby is away this week too! I'd love a call I just don't know when, my days are busy until about 8pm.

Amber said...

Yikes! How scary! I'm glad your mom was there and don't want to think about what else could have happened. ((((Hugs))))