Friday, June 22, 2007

The Facts of Life

I really wish I knew them all.

I know that you can never leave a baby in a jolly jumper across the room from you because a toddler may come along and discreetly undo the straps and you don't hear it! How is that possible?

When a jolly jumper is unsnapped, baby is usually bound to fall out sideways and land on their little head.

Mothers aren't all knowing and all powerful and can't perform feats such as flying across the room to catch a child as soon as you realize what has happened. I used to think this was true believe it or not. But I'm performed some amazing saves. I know that I've also missed many too. My two oldest sons have scars of gashes on their heads. One had stitches and the other only glue and butterfly stitch, so he's probably doing to have a great scar on his head. Yes, I know accidents happen.

What can you do? The toddler doesn't realize what they did and being sent to their room does nothing. Doesn't even register that they hurt their brother. But he'll learn he's doing well on his potty training, he's on his fourth day I think now of no accidents and he's earned a marble for his jar every night for having an accident day free day.

So now I don't trust either of my older children with Bugaboo, he'll be under my watchful eye for years I tell you. Are you wondering why I don't trust SmartGuy, I dont' know if I told you or not but one day I came into the living room after doing something with Reebok and there was Bugaboo hanging upside done by his ankles by his big brother. Boy oh boy! I tell you. How many conversations can one have with a 5 year old about being trustworthy. I really hope to see changes soon on his behavior. I ordered some positive parenting books and believe me I need some help in the positive side. My oldest sone is taking after me in the anger and yelling department. He does it to his younger brother now and I have to change my ways.

Well this morning I could have cried because I woke up and all my children were awake except the baby. I specifically went to bed early last night so I could have some time this morning and instead I slept for 11 hours. Well, I got up at one and had some toast. Baby woke up three times last night and Reebok woke at 6am crying and thirsty and with pj's on. He went to bed in a diaper only last night, so he must have got cold.

I'm hoping that after a shower and I finish baking that baby will have his nap and I can do some pilates because my back is sore today from lying so long. I'm trying to find a good rhubarb recipe for the rhubarb I got from my parents last night, last week I made pie, I'm going for a loaf this time I think.

Official weigh-in this morning: 281.6 lb. It's going down baby!

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Anonymous said...

holy crap
keep up the amazing climb!!!!
The pounds are just starting to fly off ya!!
your a good mom hang in there..
love aunty H