Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Wednesday Evening...

Gosh, it's been forever since I've updated. THree kids at home sure keeps one busy. Especially my three.
Little One is doing great! He's about 19lbs now and over 27 inches long, he's long and lean. He's sitting on his own, can get into a sit position now and just started the first attempts at crawling this week, he'll go about two feet and then rest and do some more but he hasn't made it out of the living room. I desperately trying to get organized and clean the house. My floors are terrible, constantly, from my two older boys. It's going to be a real chore once Little One starts really moving places. I'm a little scared. He's sleeping pretty good, he still sleeps with us and will for some time, though his schedule is a bit mucked up right now. I'm trying to go back to the winter schedule with all the boys to bed at 8 pm but right now they are up until 10pm. It's going to be hard to change. Little One loves going for walks and loves his jolly jumper. He has two naps a day and usually gets a rude awakening from his brothers, they are so loud.
I'm actually stressed a lot and I'm not losing any weight so that is bugging me, I'm not getting enough sleep because I want my nights to myself and stay up too late. I have hardly been on line, I just don't have time to myself with dh working so much. The light at the end of the tunnel, dh will be done his summer job by the end of this month. I think he may have a job or two lined up for when he's done but he's also working on a set of cabinets for someone, so he's also working late hours at his shop. But the next set of cabinets(maybe) will be in September and during the day, so I'll have him home for lunches and dinners and I might actually get nights out again, I really miss my Tuesday night craft night. I miss adult interaction, I haven't been getting out with friends or to functions with the kids too often lately, it just seems like so much work with SmartGuy and his behavior. It's not changing and it really is getting to me. I'm mean seriously I think the last two days when I've broken down, it's been because I'm at such a loss as how to handle him, his attitude, his impulsiveness, his dismissiveness and his plain disrespect. I haven't finish my Positive Discipline book either so that isn't being any help if I can't finish it and implement it. Soon.

Stressed out about too many things to mention right now and probably don't really need to be. I think I'm going through one of my blue periods. Yes, seriously, I have them. Every once in awhile I get really down and it does take a lot for me to get out of it but I eventually do, hopefully tomorrow it will be gone, I have big plans to sleep early tonight and tomorrow do some fun stuff with the kids.

So that is basically where I'm at right now! i'll try to post some pictures soon.

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