Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I'm writing just to write today because I feel I don't have a lot to write right now. SmartGuy is in school and doing good. His 6th Birthday is fast approaching and we are having a party on Saturday. I'm wondering how it will be with maybe 12 kids coming. I feel crazy for allowing that many but it was his list. So I'll have to make up a Spiderman cake once again but this time I have one of those nifty Spiderman cake pans and will decorate it in the form of Spiderman. He's very excited. I haven't totally planned out the menu but the party is in the afternoon and I figure I just have to make snack type items.

Mickey is doing well, both the youngest boys are sick with a cold again. He go down on the 26th for Mickey to have his hearing check and he'll get his assessment that week as well and then will be working with someone on his speech. In January the boys will start back at daycare and Mickey will be able to join headstart then as well, once he is 3. I can't believe how quickly they grow up.

Little One is growing in leaps and bounds as well. He's very mobile and cruising the furniture now. Last Saturday when we were driving back from the city he was talking, not the baby coos and goos but the start of talking with the babbling. It's pretty cool. He's so bright and beautiful.

Hubby and I are doing well, just in a routine of him working and me at home with the kids. Keeping the house clean has become an easier tast and we are all getting back to winter schedule but I'm still feeling like I'm not getting enough sleep.

I'm been reading lot's and write a little and hope to have a better handle on things and write even more and get back to my exercise schedule.

Constantly we are thinking about buying land and thinking about how to design our home. I found and have been looking on there for ideas. I found a design I really like and will mostly likely tweek that to what we want and need. I'm just getting antsy and excited that it could happen in the next two years.

So really not much to write.

Just a little story:

While in the hotel, we woke up one morning to hear the kids talking in the dark. We were in one bed and they were in the other.

SmartGuy: Are you scared Mickey?
Mickey: (In his best Russian version)Duh? (What he says for yes).
SmargGuy: Do you want to go home?
Mickey: Duh.

We just thought it was so sweet, the two of them talking. They do get along really great for the most part and you forget that when there are blood curdling screams.

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