Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Long awaited update.

Well, it's been awhile since I've really updated. The last several weeks have been busy. I'm just trying to figure out where to start. We went into the city once or twice and made several stops along the way because the children get restless and cranky on the 6 hour drive.

I helped with a friends move, just a couple of loads of big stuff in our truck. I also bought a desk, dresser and treadmill from her. She's moved away for the year and that sucks, I'll miss her. Two other friends have been in the middle of moves and I was able to help one with some cleaning. I feel very useful when that stuff happens. I know it's hard for people to ask for help and also people tend to get busy and do it all on their own. I'm the same way, I never ask for help even when I'm feeling totally helpless, I figure I'm woman enough to do anything big or small and mostly I can but I do get overwhelmed on occasion.

I was at the dentist last month and I'm going again this Friday. I'm in the middle of two root canals that were done wrong the first time and had an infection. I also have one more that has turned into an abcess and has some funny roots; the dentist wants to refer me but will attempt it if I ask him to. I guess we are getting a dentist here and I may not be able to see the one I've been seeing this year since I have to travel to him.

We are getting Mickey's hearing test later to this month just to cover our bases, he's still not talking all that much. His attempts at words don't seem closs at all when working with him. He's basically got mama, dada, mmm(for Little one), nothing for Kale, nana (for gramma), ba (for everything b related), tv and cheese sound similar and he seems to really try but can't get it. So we'll have his hearing tested. Then he'll work with someone once or twice a week to get started I guess. I think he'll be starting Headstart later this month. Which I feel will be good for him because then he'll have more interaction with other kids his own age and other adults.

Right now he's going through a needy, clingy stage since SmartGuy has gone back to school. I'm able to spend more time with him but he's so into tv right now, since over the summer, he and his brother watched every morning. I have to cut back slowly and get him over it. Terrible, since he was not into tv at all last winter.

So SmartGuy is going back at school and I thought it was going wonderfully until last Thursday, then I got the phonecall from the teacher. He had a really bad listening day and went through his 4 colors or whatever there system is. I've seen an improvement over the summer after starting to use the Positive Discipline principles. There is too much involved to write it all down right now but maybe another day. He spends a lot of time outside with friends and riding his bike. It's the number one thing for him and we have a high number of kids his age in our neighbour hood and with more homes going up, I think there will be more soon.

Mickey is doing wonderfully, he is now fully potty trained, through the night as well. It's been over a week and he's doing great. I feel very relieved that there is only one in diapers now. As mentioned before his words are coming and he's now attempting to talk more but his frustration level is going up as well. He still uses signs a lot and I know pretty much what he wants all the time but there have been instances when I didn't. He's been very into capes lately, lego, Dora and Diego and our trampoline. We went for a walk yesterday and he rode his two wheeler with training wheels the whole way and only needed assistant at first with starting off and up the little inclines but by the time we got home he was doing it on his own. I'm sure next year, he'll be riding around like crazy. I'm so surprised sometimes by how he is growing up so fast.

Little One has been sick the last four days, he's had a fever, stuffiness, lethargy, diarrhea, lack of appetite and runny nose. I was wondering if it was his teeth for awhile, he's been teething for ages with no teeth yet. But he' has body aches and is fussy a lot. So we've been stuck at home. I took them for a walk yesterday and it just slept. He's been worse in the morning and gets better through the day with lot's of naps and fever going down and at times he's fine and down playing and laughing and evening rolls around and he's achey again. He's sleeping now so we will see how he is after his nap and some food.

Hubby finished work last week and is now only working on cabinets and he's almost done that, it's down to details now; drawers and doors. So I'm happy about that. When he's done that and after SmartGuy's birthday, he'll be going with his sister down to Edmonton to see his mom who has been very sick lately. She's 86 years old and has many ailments. We were all going to go but it would be costly, we'll save our trip for our yearly April trip.

Me, I'm feeling couped up these days. I've been walking most days I think I missed two since I started. I've only managed to get out by myself on three or four mornings, mostly I've been pushing the kids in the stroller but exercise is exercise. It's getting colder and a little harder to walk in the morning with the frigid temps. I'm itching to write and have been cleaning up the office and getting things organized. I'm weird that way, I have to be organized and not feel the pressures of the house around me to work. So I've been jotting down ideas for Dara and Jaree and Margaret's story, it's been really in my head lately. So I'm sure in a week or so I'll have something to post on one of the writing boards. Feedback is always good.

I've also been scrapbooking some, I finished Mickey's book and have been printing and sorting photos of Little One so I can start his book. I'm very excited to be starting.

I think now that my child birthing days are behind me and I've accomplished thoses goals, my mind is one property and house. Constantly I am thinking about it, it's this insane thing in my head all the time. I dream about how we want our home because we haven't made a definate plan yet because we've been putting it off for so long. But I think that at the end of two years from now, we'll be in a home that we build.

I also think of other options, there is a bed and breakfast for sale in town and I think about that often because I think it has enough rooms upstairs and downstairs that we could live upstairs and rent out the bottom and it would supplement our income and maybe i could not work anymore. But it is just a thought. Hubby does not want to do a b'n'b. But I think it could work. But that's just me.

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Anonymous said...

B&B is an amazing Idea!!
Your baking would put you on the map!!!
And the rent part even if you don't do a b&b is a very smart Idea, ecpecially in town