Friday, October 19, 2007


I'm feeling really good today. I just finished walking, we went a little farther today then a few days ago and it wasn't as hard but still worked up a great sweat. I also got to talk to another mom, so that was really great. I like being able to talk and air my stuff without judgment and finding some understanding from another person, besides my husband of course.

I'm feel more optimistic about our situation and feel we have the tools to deal with whatever comes our way.

Little One/Snowbaby is doing fabulous. He had his first blood letting, which wasn't too stressful for me. He crawled over and climbed up on me slipped and hit his lip on the office chair. So he bleed and had a fat lip. This is my 3rd child, so a little blood does nothing to phase me these days. I calmly cleaned him up and consoled him. He cried for a long time, poor little gaffer. We learned that he can roll his tongue, the only one of my boys who can. So I thought that was neat. He kept opening his mouth and pushing his tongue out, it must have felt weird.
He's a fast little crawler and cruises along the furniture. He's pretty vocal these days, lot's of mumum and dadada. It's really cute! He's exploring everything, into everything and loves dumping, emptying and pulling things down. If I can't find him after I've left the room, he'll be down in his brother's room. He loves it in there. It's a total mess and if I clean it, it's a mess a few minutes later. I have messy boys.

Mickey is doing great, really working on communicating. He loves going outside and playing in the snow. He watches Little Einsteins and we really have cut back on the tv time. He still enjoys his playdough, playing games and looking at books.

SmartGuy is good for the most part, besides the issues we are having. He's really into that exploring different things and wanting more information. His mind is growing and amazing to watch at this age how they comprehend and look for more info. He seems taller and more mature.

Hubby is getting better his knee still bugs him a bit but it's not gout. He just inflammed the ligaments around the knee cap, he's not sure how that happened. He's getting busy with snow and going to go over some new cabinets soon and start building them. I find it exciting to see him doing something that he's really passionate about. I hope to one day do something I'm passionate about.

I've been busy with the boys be finally feeling like I'm in the right place. Things have been going pretty good, I'm feeling good, exercising and quite smoking on Monday. The only thing that does get me down in my house in constant chaos. Seriously, I can clean my living room, come back 10 minutes later and it's like I never cleaned it. Life with 3 mobile boys, I tell you it's crazy! But I'm dealing with it and feeling better about everything in general. It's good to feel this way again. I think I'm finally coming out of my dark phase, it wasn't really that bad though, I think I was still just carrying around the baby blues for awhile. At least I have people I can talk to and get things off my chest. It always feels great to talk to someone when you don't really get to have that many adult convos lately. Now that I'm feeling more myself and getting my exercise in, I hope to get my writing in as well.

It's funny how I feel so incomplete without it. I'm not a great story teller but I love to write and figure out what my characters are doing. It really is a process for me. I doubt I could ever be a Nora Roberts who writes 100 novels in a year or whatever she does. I just like to putter it out and make one great story work...something different and unexpected. Though I'm sure pretty much every story out there has been told but I still want to do it.

I finally tried Little One in his Halloween costume. It's pretty cute. I got it last year for Mickey but it was too small.

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Anonymous said...

That is the cutest costume!!! I am glad to hear things are going well for you. I have been slacking on my exercise lately and I am going to try to kick it up this week and get some serious exercise!!! I will be in town for volleyball nov 1-3. I might come in with Carrie for the halloween parties on saturday next week!
See you soon!