Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Snowy Day

I'm sitting here drinking a hot chocolate with a few splashes of Bailey's in it. It's very tasty and very comforting on this cool snowy day! Yes, I said it! We have snow!

I cancelled our trip to the city after Mickey threw up in the car 3 times before we got 100 kms. Little One and Mickey both woke up yesterday with cold symptoms again, this is the 3rd time in the last month. Hubby had it as well. Plus the roads are crap with the snow on the ground. First snow and all, it always happens. I'm not bummed either, I was going because my temporary chipped and I need to get it replace but now I have to wait until November to go back because my dentist will be away for three weeks after this week.

I woke up tired and a bit foggy. Mickey was up last night two times and for awhile. Nothing saps my energy like 2am wakings. I can deal with Little One getting up because he's in bed beside me and I just go right back to sleep.

I've been in that funk again, you know the one about me doing nothing but house cleaning and not getting anything else down. It comes in cycles I realize. No I'm not writing or getting to read and I miss it but I'm spending quality time with my children.

Mickey is doing pretty good, he's making great steps in communication. I can see his brain working and his mouth move to try and repeat something but it's just not connecting. He's still babbling a lot but he's using signs more and we've introduce a bunch of new signs that he is using readily. So that is great. We had his hearing checked a few weeks ago and it came back as fine so now we'll concentrate on helping him communicate. It's a good thing.

SmartGuy is doing well too! His reading is amazing and he seems to be doing well in school, behaviour wise. He started Karate last week and wants to go back. He's helping out around the house more and doing great in general.

Little One is good, he's moving around lot's and into everything. He's at the empty everything stage. He's babbling tons and likes playing peekaboo, singing and actions to songs. He's getting ready to walk, he's more steady in his cruising and when he crawls he pulls one leg up to his feet and I can see he's feelin' it! Such an amazing baby!

All my babies are amazing! I'm just enjoying them right now. But not right this minute because I'm going to craft night and working on Little One's scrapbook. I have to get caught up! Night!

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