Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday Morning mutterings

It's almost 9am and I haven't had breakfast, if you don't count the hot chocolate or 2 digestive cookies I had this morning that my son won in Indian Bingo last night. Yes, it's called Indian Bingo, isn't that a funny name.

We went to a dinner last night for one of the programs in town—they were looking for ideas for programming this winter and after a delicious dinner that included 'spicy'chickn (which I loved), lasagna, spinach salad with homemade buns and a devine chocolate zucchini cake with ice cream we played Indian Bingo. Normally I'm pretty lucky, I seem to do good in games but last night I was terrible.

So for those of you who don't know what this game is I'll tell you. It's gone my many names I've heard it called Elephant Surprise and Santa's Knee. There are a bunch of gifts in the middle wrapped up. The people around the table each take a turn and roll the dice, if you get a double of anything you can pick a prize if not you don't get anything. The dice keep rolling until all the presents are gone, some people don't get anything. (Like me I didn't roll a double at all.)

So once all the gifts are taken and unwrapped, there is a time limit set and people start rolling. If you roll a double you can take someone else's gift. I did get to do that once but then it was stolen from me when someone else rolled a double.

In the end I won nothing. My son, SmartGuy did great he ended up with 4 gifts and Mickey ended up with two gifts. My mom had 3. It's a fun game and not one was left out except me! I think I was only one who didn't win a thing! Oh well, at least I'm a good sport.

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