Thursday, November 22, 2007

More of this and that...

I've been reading a book called bird by bird some instructions on writing and life. I'm really enjoying it. Anne Lamott is a wonderful writer. I hope it will provide me with inspiration to write. I get the urge more and more of late.

I found a weight loss buddy online. It was on one of the websites I frequent and it had a buddy finder, I think I only put in that they should be from Canada and I managed to find someone who used to live in the Yukon without knowing it, so that's pretty neat. She's been great, she also has 3 kids and is close to my own age. So I think that is neat, we've exchanged a few emails and she's been very supportive and motivating.

I'm a little weirded out by the fact that we haven't yet reached -40°c, we haven't even reached -30°c. It's scary, why is this happening. I'm very concerned about the state of global warming after watching An Inconvenient Truth. While this is a problem that will manifest in the future, I really worry about the world my children and my children's children will be living in. What state will it be in 20,30, 40 or 50 years from now. It's scary for me.

How is it possible that I have lost my novel in my room somewhere. It's the only book I've been reading lately and I'm having a hard time finding the time to read but lately have actually been picking it up for 15 minutes at a time and now it's gone missing. In reality, one of the kids walked off with it but it's got to be around here somewhere. Tomorrow I think will be the day I work around the house. It's been a busy week!

Movies...I really shouldn't bother watching them lately. I miss about 1/3 of whatever I watch and the rest of the time I'm pausing every five minutes to stop a crisis or something and I lose the flow of the movies. It really sucks.

Kids, I love them. I've been thinking lately about more but I think that's inevitable, just when the youngest starts to grow into that toddler stage and I miss the little baby stuff but really I love when they become toddlers. I wonder sometimes if I made a mistake but I don't think so. If I had the mental capacity, the financial means and stamina, I'd probably have more kids.

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