Thursday, November 22, 2007

This and that!

So I found out I have a hernia and there really isn't anything to do for it unless it becomes problematic. If that happens I would have surgery to put a mesh over the hole. Of course I was freaked out for one day and then I was fine. The doctor just said to continue on with life and lose some weight.

So I had taken a little break of four days and then the morning of my diagnosis, I had walked two miles. I planned on walking 3 miles this morning but only got 2 in because the kids woke up. Darn them! It was 6:30 in the morning when they woke. I think they'll be tired fairly quickly today. I hope this doesn't change their schedule too much!

I joined the Jillian Michaels website a couple of weeks ago and it hasn't been what I hoped. I was hoping for a little more or something but I'm not sure what. I've been needing inspiration and I can't seem to find the motivation as I did before, I'm more on autopilot and just doing. But I want the motivation and inspiration to make it fun for me! Does this make sense.

I have managed to lose a couple of pounds in the last few weeks. I'll do my official weigh in tomorrow. I've been eating better but keep sneaking those damn M&M's. I'll have to watch that. Find a better snack. I did find a good snack but it's probably high in calories, yogurt with some flaxsee, craisins and chocolate chips. craisins and cc have sugar so that may have to be cut out. But I love the Dairyland Nature's Treat yogurt.

Kids seem okay for the most part, Little One is still fighting off the cold/flu. Hopefully he'll be better soon. But we'll have to miss out on Romp'n'Run again because I don't want to spread the sickness. Which sucks because I could do with some adult interaction.

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