Monday, November 19, 2007

6 o'clock and I was just in the middle of a dream..

My schedule is off. Smartguy was sick on Thursday night, thew up 3 or 4 times. I kept him home Friday from school and then he was fine. We went to the Christmas Bizarre at the school on got the boys picture taken with Santa (they did very well and I got two different poses)and then had hotdogs and chips for lunch. We wandered and bought a few things and came home.

I dropped the boys off with there Dad. Then I went to the Thrift Store because I had to look for a little stuffed Moose with a Santa hat on it. Little did I know that it was SmartGuy's favorite toy when I sent it to the Thrift store but only a couple of days later he asked me if I knew where it was. I told him the truth and he told me to go and get it. So I went through all the stuffed animals at the Thrift store and it was't there. I asked the woman working that day if she had seen it, no she hadn't. I looked through this one box but didn't see and then I looked through that box again and moved something and found it. I was so happy!

I wandered around and found some pants for Little One, he seems to be growing like a little weed lately. And for Mickey a Superman t-shirt complete with a velcroed on cape. Oh my gosh, he loved that thing. As soon as he saw it he put it on and was flying around the house in the classic Superman arms outstretched before. Hubby's been forced to fly him around the house a few times.

That night all three boys were up and throwing up between midnight and 3am. It was a rough night. Marcel is my hero. He I was complaining the other day. But he really stepped up, he knows I just can't stand vomit, the look or the smell I have a weak stomach when it comes to that and he was cleaning, mopping and doing laundry for me while I cleaned up the boys by putting them in the shower. They all later had loose bowels and at least two of them can go to the bathroom on their own, so it wasn't too bad. Little One has had it four days in a row but only once each day, so I'm not even sure what to think. No one got sick all day. They've all been great, acting normal and having increased appetites.

I went out for 45 minutes last night to be with my brother. I came home to hubby cleaning the floor again. SmartGuy had gotten sick again. So he'll be staying home with me again today. I really hope he get's better soon, poor guy. He's lost a bit of weight this week from not keeping anything in. But his spirits are up which is always a good sign.

So here I am at 6am wide awake. Hubby's already off to the shop and I'm sitting here. A perfect time to write something. So I'll go and do just that, write!!

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Jozet at Halushki said...

Oh no...I hope you all get well soon!

And you get Top Mom Award for going to retrieve the moose. Now that's love.

(That, and cleaning up vomit.)