Friday, November 16, 2007

Sickness and health

I sometimes wish I had an easier time with words. I find I struggle sometimes to find the right thing to say or write. I can lay in bed at night and imagine how I will say something and when it comes time to it, I forget and say something completely wrong. Last night I lay in bed imagining a story in my head and because I was too lazy to get up and write it down I forgot it this morning. I wish I could weave a story so easy I could sit writing for hours. Maybe one day!

Instead last night I was woken by my husband just as I fell asleep because Mickey was calling me. It's his night time ritual lately. He awakens and is very cranky which happens when he doesn't wake on his own occord. So I go in an coax him down to the bathroom, this takes awhile maybe 5 minutes and in the meantime he continues to wail his little head off waking Little One in the process. I heard him coming closer so I quickly check on him while Mickey is relieving himself.

So Little One is at the end of our bed, standing and leaning on the rail. I scoop him up and head back to the bathroom where Mickey refuses to get off the toilet. Everytime. So finally get him to his room, he refuses to wear the same pj's so changes and then gets back under the covers and goes immediately to sleep.

Little One goes down so easily. So now I just wish my husband would have gotten up for Mickey and then Little One and I wouldn't even have woken up. I just chaps my hide sometimes. It doesn't always happen and I asked hubby about it this morning and he said Mickey was calling for me and we both know that he would have freaked out even more if hubby had gone instead of me. Comes from having attached kids I guess. Oh well! Life goes one.

I also awoke to find SmartGuy in bed with us. I guess he'd gotten sick in the middle of the night and hubby had dealt with that. At 5am he got sick again and thankfully he was already in the bathroom. So he's at home with me today. Which is okay.

So my days have been busy with kids, cleaning and organizing and rearranging rooms and furniture. I may have a bulge. A hernia, no. When you are pregnant those ligaments along your abs separate and they may take a few months to grow back together. Mine have bulged again. It may be because of the strain of moving things around, heavy things or the fact that I've put on 10lb since I quit smoking. Dont' worry I'm slowly getting back to where I can exercise and eat right. You know the right frame of mind, I can feel it coming.

I will be seeing the doctor this afternoon to look at the bulge and my abcess which still as not gone away but isn't causing me any pain but I worry about it infecting my body. I'll also get my blood sugar and thyroid checked again.

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