Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday Mind Matter

Little One fell off the bed for the first time this morning, what a rude awakening. Well he woke up and made his way to the end of the bed and must have missed the rail to lean on and was hanging precariously from the edge because I heard his urgent cries for help. I came running but heard the thump before I got there. He's fine. We have carpet on the floor and he didn't fall more than he is tall. He cried for a bit and then was fine, no marks on him at all. I have been working with him on getting down but he hasn't quite caught on yet.

What else is going on? His hair is getting darker, he doesn't quite look liket he blondy any more. He still has his streak but the rest is getting darker. He seems more grown up lately. More like a toddler. He's going up on his knees, standing on his own for a few seconds and if leaning against the wall will take a step or two. He's getting ready. He still wakes up briefly a couple of times a night and eats like a champ most of the time. He still loves his brothers and smiles everytime he sees them. He loves his Daddy, he smiles and motions for Daddy to take him whenever he is near. It's so heartwarming.

Mickey is making new attempts at words and using signs more than ever. He's doing just great! He's getting a little more on my nerves lately because he's just so busy and not listening. I'm dong my best at distraction and moving to change certain behaviors but at the same time I'm feeling very tired and worn out lately. He is loving his puzzles, loves Spiderman and going to Headstart. I got him a new 25 piece Spiderman puzzle and he put it together totaly by himself, I'm quite proud of him and he's proud of himself as well.

SmartGuy is donig alright. He's still smart as a whip, reading like crazy. Doing great in his subjects at school. He's just having some impulse control issues and not listening still at school sometimes. I'm trying to find ways to encourage him to do better. I think we are going to use the marble system for good days and once he gets ten marbles he'll be able to rent a movie or watch a movie. His tv time is drastically low right now and I like it that way. He is enjoying the winter already, loves to go sliding with friends and I let him for the first time walk from school to luncheon a few blocks away. He was with his cousin. It's so hard letting him grow up sometimes but I have to let it happen, I know. We do tend to keep him sheltered at times from bad things in the world but I know eventually he'll learn about them but I'm not sure how it will happen.

I grew up around drinking, parties and fighting. I know the not so nice side of life in our town. But I still love it here and I want my family to love it as well. So for me not to want my son to see that side of things isn't so bad is it?

Well, kids are all over me right now and I'm slowing losing my mind so I'd better sign off now. Besides I ordered pizza for dinner, no shape to cook right now.

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