Saturday, November 10, 2007

Review: The Spice Depot

I must admit I'm not a big spice person, I go through phases with spices and what I like. I went through my garlic powder, onion powder and seasoning salt phase about five years ago, now I'm more about experimenting with different spices to get different and more exotic flavours. I've been stuck in the Italian seasoning rut for awhile now so these new blends come as a nice surprise to my palate.
The first night I tried the Salad seasoning in some roasted veggies that I made. I make them quite often actually and the blend added a very nice and flavorful addition but I probably didn't add enough of it. Because the next time it was used my husband added it to some scrambled eggs and there was a definite and delightful zing to the eggs. I can't wait to have it again.
The very night I got the spices I got some pork ribs to try. I love ribs but I find them hard to prepare because I never know what to put on them or how to make a rub or sauce. So after I had boiled the heck out of them I coated them with butter and then put the Smoky Rib blend on them. I tried them when they first came out of the oven and they were a little bland but after they had sat for about 15 minutes and we were sitting down to eat at the table I was pleasantly surprise by the wonderful smoky flavor that burst in my mouth. Even the kids enjoyed them and they are hard to please.
Spicy chicken was also used another night on a roast chicken. I just sprinkled it on the skin and roasted like I normally do. Doing it this way doesn't usually get any flavor in the meat and it just goes in the gravy but I again was surprised because the flavor went through the skin and into the meat. I was a very nice touch to an ordinary meal.
I'll admit I have more experimenting to do with the blends and I will keep on trying because I really enjoyed them and will definitely be looking for new flavors to try in the grocery store. A nice touch to these blends is that each one comes with it's own built in grinder and just a few turns gives each meal a wonderful taste and presentation.

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