Sunday, January 27, 2008

Everyone is in bed but me!

Things have been a little hairy here lately. We've gone through our bouts of sickness and then just daily routine. Keeping up with the house is next to impossible if we want to spend any quality time with the kids. This weekend was crazy though because I went to workshops yesterday and today I went to a book party so quality time was limited this weekend. Next weekend will be better.

I've also got to spread my time between packing and cleaning walls. Yes, we are moving. We got a four bedroom house right across the street from where we are now. We'll move in February sometime, no definite date so anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks I'm guessing. There is so much to do. Besides going through everything that we've accumulated since December 2003 when we moved into this house. I've gone through over the years but still, there is lots and now lots in storage as well. I have to clean and take down things bolted and screwed and use Mr. Clean magic eraser and a little bit of patching (I did this a couple of months ago but I did miss a few holes here and there). We may be getting more rooms but I"m not sure if it's more space so we may be losing some furniture and it's probably stuff we don't really need anyway. I'm worried there won't be room for my Nana's china cabinet.

I think I convinced myself I was having a pregnancy scare and that is just wild. I had a bunch of signs of stuff which I won't go into here but I thought I was pregnant and well now I'm wondering if it was just gas/bloat/gastrointestinal stuff. I think I realized that the person online who said that one should wait three years after there supposed last child before having anything permanent done was totally right. I think I'm pining right now and today didn't help either seeing a newborn baby who was just so tiny and perfect. I want one but right now I don't all at the same time. I think about the financial responsibilities, the time and energy and commitment it takes and the sleeplessness which I'm still experiencing with my 12 month old but seriously besides all that in my heart I do. I can't help it. But would I go back and get my tubal reverse, I don't know if I could or would. Such a quandary, I tell ya!

So besides all that, things are pretty good. I'm taking a few minutes several times a day to just put my feet up and look at a magazine. I think once we've moved and the youngest is moved into his own room and sleeping through the night then I'll be able to make a schedule for myself to write and exercise and I'm really considering taking a program to become a Fitness & Nutrition Professional through some distance education program. I've been looking into it. Not like I don't have enough to do right?

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Cyndi said...

That's exciting to have a new house!!! Is it newly built? Sorry I'm not there to help with the move, I certainly owe you! I will hopefully be there in March.